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Get  Involved in JAG-NM

There are a number of ways you can partner with us! From employers, community programs, & educators to local or state government - you can provide support to JAG students by investing time, resources, guidance, & funding. Any investment with JAG NM is an investment in our students futures & their communities. 

Monetary Donations: As a non-profit, we rely on grants and donations. This funding will be critical as we look to expand JAG to 50 schools throughout New Mexico in the next five years. Contact us to learn more about investment opportunities into our program. You can also donate now right here.

Employers: Connecting our students to the local workforce is a critical part of JAG's success. Join us in helping to make sure our future workforce is prepared. We also offer other partnership opportunities so any business an participate in growing the skills New Mexico's youth.

Employers Empowering

New Mexico Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG-NM) connects employers with motivated students eager to explore career paths. By participating in activities like classroom guest speaking, business tours, job shadows, and training sessions, employers can nurture young talent, build meaningful relationships, and develop a future workforce. Explore the multiple opportunities below to help shape and benefit from the next generation of professionals.

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