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JAG Program Services

The JAG Model consists of a comprehensive set of services designed to keep young people engaged in their academics
through graduation and improves their success rates in education and career.

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The JAG Model

Established in 1980, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) provides elective classes for credit taught by Specialists in high schools, middle schools, and after-school programs. Students acquire vital job skills, get hands-on experience, and receive a year of post-grad support, nurturing students through as they transition into career and post-secondary education. More than 40 years of data prove JAG works. Today, our students are achieving the best outcomes in JAG’s history.

JAG Model

Why is the JAG Advantage™ so unique?

Trauma-informed care merges with education, employability skills and experience to empower students. The result is a clear advantage: JAG students not only overcome adversity, they thrive – in school, work, and life.

Core Competencies

JAG-NM focuses on a comprehensive set of core competencies that are crucial for student success. These core competencies are grouped into 6 clusters:

Career Development

Identify occupational interests, aptitudes, and abilities and develop a future path for the selected occupation.

Basic Skills

Comprehend verbal and written communication, communicate effectively in professional and non-professional settings, and perform mathematical calculations.

Personal Skills

Make decisions based on values and goals, recognize self-worth, demonstrate the ability to assume responsibility for actions and decisions, and understand the types of maturity.

Job Attainment

Construct resumes and cover letters, seek recommendation letters, fill-out applications, and gain an appropriate understanding of the interview process.

Leadership & Self Development

Familiarization with team-based environments, demonstrate team leadership, effectively present in front of groups, and experience commitment to an organization.

Job Survival

Identify employer expectations, demonstrate time management and professional appearance, and practice effective workplace human relations.

Graduation Rate Comparison

JAG-NM Students

National-All Students

New Mexico-All Students

New Mexico-Economically Disadvantaged Students


Our Students

With a diverse student demographic profile, JAG-NM is focused on equity. 







Non-English speaking students

JAG-NM students face an average of 7 barriers upon entry to our program, including:


Free/Reduced Lunch Eligible

Low Academic Performance

Chronically Absent

JAG Specialists

The JAG specialist has a unique role, which combines the traditional role of teacher, advocate, caring adult, counselor, coach, mentor, community partner, & National Career Association advisor all into one! 


"The magic that happens in a JAG classroom is unique; it is where learning comes to life, where youth open their mind to dream, & plans are made to execute goals"

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